1.  EXHIBIT SET-UP:  All exhibitors must arrive to venue between 9:00am - 9:30am to register and set-up on February 11, 2018.

2.  EXHIBIT BREAK-DOWN:  No exhibits are to be removed until after the closing time of the show at 3:00pm.

3.  DISPLAYS:  No displays may extend more than 8 feet above the ground.

4.  EXHIBIT SPACE:  Exhibitor will receive one six-foot table and two chairs that will include a white tablecloth.  Exhibitor is also able to use their own tablecloth instead of the one provided.

5.  LIABILITY:  Exhibitor is responsible for their leased space and should have insurance to cover injury or loss in their area.

6.  RIGHTS:  NJ Black Businesses' reserves the right to remove Exhibitors without refund that have falsely entered into agreement with the expo.

​7.  CONTRACT CANCELLATION:  Should an exhibitor cancel the contract within 30 days of the expo, then 100% of the payment/deposit will be returned to the exhibitor.  Contracts canceled after the 30 day grace will not receive in return any portion of the payment/deposit that was already submitted.

8.  GUARANTEE:  NJ Black Businesses' does not guarantee booking, sales or success as a result of an exhibitor's participation in the expo.  We believe that the success of the exhibitor is based upon the effort, quality, follow-up and engaging participation that the exhibitor brings to the Bridal, Prom & Party Expo!

9. PAYMENT:  This invoice must be paid within 24 hours of receipt. If invoice is not paid, then it will be canceled. Space is not guaranteed until payment has been received.

10. SUBLET:  Subletting is prohibited. The business listed on application must be the business displaying their goods and/or services on Exhibitor table(s).